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J&J's first ever program was a dance class taught in the basement of Joan Cunningham's and Jan Butler's parents.

Over the past half century, our dance program has grown exponentially! We currently offer recreational classes at two locations where we instruct athletes in all styles of dance. 

Our competitive team, Charmers, was established in 2011. Athletes who have participated in this program have performed in competitions across the nation from Vegas to Orlando to St. Louis and Pigeon Forge.

All instructors are trained and guided under owner Lindsey Hearn, whose goal is to empower everyone who walks through our doors!

My daughter Aubrey began dancing for Miss Lindsey in 2019 and we quickly learned she was born to dance! She stepped out of her comfort zone to perform a solo which has propelled her skills and confidence. 
Recently, I lost my job and we were worried about how we would continue to pay for dance. Aubrey, being the kindhearted person she is, said, "Mom, I will quit dance if I need to help." That was not an option for us!!!
With the encouragement from Ms. Lindsey I started a business called, "Simply JEN." This business has helped us support Aubrey's dancing dreams! We are so blessed that we found Ms. Lindsey and J&J!
– JENNIFER, Mother
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