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Athletes on J&J's competitive tumbling and trampoline team have competed nationally and internationally since 1977. Throughout our history, we have had team members win innumerable state, regional and national titles as well as compete in the World Championships and Olympic Trials. 


Team members compete across the country at several meets throughout the season (February through May). Apart from nationals – which can take place anywhere in the United States – competitions are generally located within the Midwest. 

Athletes train two to four times a week as registered USAG members with coaches Megan Gearhart, Alissa Fox, Michelle Prue, Amanda Murdent.


Athletes on J&J's pre-team attend at least two competitions a year and train twice a week.

Students in this class learn technique and gain the physical strength needed to join the official team. Promotion to the team class requires athletes to be able to do a roundoff backhand spring.

Classes are taught by former athletes and Emily Wilhelms, former National Team member, judge and coach of 30+ years.


J&J's Hot Shots team is for our youngest athletes who show promise of making great team members someday. These students are especially good listeners and advance more quickly than others their age. 

The concept of competition is introduced in this class at practices which occur once a week.

Classes are taught by gym manager and former J&J athlete, Emily Gibson.



Megan Gearhart

In 1987, Megan won the Women's World Championships for power tumbling. She has coached at J&J since 1983. Megan also served as the USA Trampoline and Tumbling Junior Athlete Rep from 1996 - 2000, was the USA Gymnastics Trampoline Program Committee Chair from 2000 - 2017, and spent time on the National Coaching Staff. She is a certified National and International Judge.


Alissa Fox

Alissa competed trampoline and double mini trampoline internationally as an athlete with J&J. She went on to dedicate several years to judging at various competitions across the country. 


Michelle Prue

Michelle has coached at J&J for 27 years! During her time coaching, Michelle has also served as a certified USAG judge, judging competitions nation-wide. Both of her daughters, Crystal and Ashley, competed in tumbling and trampoline through J&J.


Amanda Murdent

Amanda competed trampoline and double mini internationally with J&J. She then went on to become a USAG judge from 2006 - 2012. Amanda has been a coach at J&J since 2004.


Emily Wilhelms

Emily is a former Senior Elite athlete who competed internationally. She served as program director and coach of a huge tumbling and trampoline program for over 15 years. She is also a certified USAG judge!


Emily Gibson

Emily is a former J&J athlete who competed nationally. Along with coaching, she also serves as J&J's gym manager.

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