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  • Where is J&J?
    J&J is located at 410 John Street in Pecatonica, Illinois.
  • How do I contact J&J?
    You can call J&J at 815-239-1558 or email us at We also can be contacted via Facebook messenger.
  • Who owns J&J?
    J&J was founded by Joan Cunningham and Jan Butler. In 2022, J&J came under new ownership: Lindsey Hearn, Amanda Schock, Megan Gearhart, Alissa Fox and Julie Wilkins.
  • How long has J&J been in business?
    J&J has been training athletes from Rockford, Freeport, Winnebago, Pecatonica, Loves Park, Byron, Stillman and beyond since 1964!
  • What makes J&J stand out from other studios and gyms?
    J&J is the longest serving studio and gym in the area. Through our programs, we cultivate a family-like environment that establishes life-long friendships between our athletes. We provide opportunities for athletes to train with other professionals in the industry, have multiple locations to better serve our community, and consistently invest in our staff to ensure their personal and professional growth, simultaneously securing the best experience for our athletes.
  • What programs are offered at J&J?
    J&J is a dance studio and power tumbling/trampoline gym. We offer both recreational classes and traveling competitive teams.
  • How do I register and pay for classes?
    We use a portal system called iClassPro that allows families to view past or present charges on their account. You can access it through the Account button at the top of our website to make payments and view class schedules. To sign up for a class, please call our main office at 815-239-1558.
  • How many dance studios does J&J have?
    J&J offers dance classes at two locations: – Pecatonica: 410 John Street – Loves Park: 6200 Daytona Drive Please contact us at 815-239-1558 or for more information.
  • How does dance benefit my child?
    Through our dance programs our athletes acquire several valuable traits that benefit them in the dance world and beyond: confidence, spatial awareness, flexibility, time management skills, ability to work on a team, leadership, passion, discipline and overall athleticism.
  • What is the difference between recreational and competitive dance?
    Athletes participating in our recreational program have classes once a week (per style). In every class, our instructors establish a great dance foundation and work to enhance and advance every athlete's skill set. Our competitive team is called "Charmers." These athletes train three to six hours a week and travel all over the country to perform. Team membership is acquired via audition or invite.
  • What is the proper attire for classes?
    For all classes, hair should be pulled up into a ponytail or bun, earrings should be taken out and skirts are not allowed. On the trampolines, socks or special trampoline shoes are required with no exceptions. Team athletes should train in basic leotards and will purchase a competitive leotard and jacket for meets.
  • What is the difference between recreational and competitive trampoline/tumbling?
    Recreational athletes train once a week for each session they sign up for. Taught by enthusiastic and caring coaches, these athletes learn skills at an appropriate, progressional pace. Competitive athletes train two to four times a week, year round. Summer and Fall seasons are spent in preparation for competition; athletes spend their time getting stronger through creative conditioning work outs and are challenged with learning more advanced skills. Winter and Spring is when all that hard work pays off at competitions across the nation!
  • How many competition teams are there?
    We have three teams: (1) Competition Team, (2) Pre-Team and (3) Hot Shots.
  • I'm concerned about Team costs, is there a way to lower my child's tuition?
    Fundraisers are offered to help decrease expenses, though participation is not mandatory.
  • What is USAG?
    "USA Gymnastics is the national governing body for the sport in the United States... USA Gymnastics sets the rules and policies that govern the sport of gymnastics, including selecting and training the U.S. Gymnastics Teams for the Olympics and World Championships; promoting and developing gymnastics on the grassroots and national levels, as well as a safe, empowered and positive training environment; and serving as a resource center for members, clubs, fans and gymnasts throughout the United States... USA Gymnastics also provides continuing education resources for new and experienced coaches, instructors and professional members." –


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