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Training the champion in every athlete through empowering individuals to appreciate their innate worth and develop self discipline while mastering new skills in a safe, caring learning environment.

58 Years of Business

2,000+ Athletes Trained

Nationally and internationally competing since 1977


At the age of six I joined the team and began to grow with a new family. The people in the environment have always been so kind to me and the studio has become my second home. I've been walking in and out of those doors for eight years now and I'm so grateful to have it.


– Anthony

J&J was my childhood. It helped me grow physically, mentally and emotionally. I have so many fond memories: trying to stay awake all night at team sleepovers only to fall asleep on the mats at 4:30 a.m., the excitement and adrenaline rush of competitions, our birthday "ritual." There are no words to describe this place. Flipping down the floor, jumping on the trampoline and dancing gave me pure joy.

– Anna

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