J&J Dance instructors strive to build confidence and a great stage presence in all of their dancers. In class, instructors work hard to bring out the determination within each performer, to create a sense of achievement, and to spark the creative excellence in each dancer that enters our studio. Through teaching proper technique, skills, as well as age appropriate routines J&J Dancers are encouraged to become the

STAR of the SHOW!

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​Our Main Pecatonica Studio


Tap into Technique   in our large marley

floored & mirrored dance studio!

Parents have specific viewing weeks for in

studio viewing experience



Leap into Learning  in our second marley

floored & mirrored dance studio!

Parents may watch their dancer shine from

the convenient viewing windows

​Our Rockford Location

J&J Dance Experience

                    THE STUDIO:

Spin into a Star just like our  little Creative Movements student, Lulu, at our mirrored dance studio located in Carlson Ice Arena!

( 4150 N Perryville Rd, Loves Park, IL 61111)

Dance Room 1
Dance Room 2
Dance Room 3
Dance Room 4
Girl in Forward Fold


  First semester; learn, review and practice technique and terminology.  The dancers will also learn a routine for the Winter Showcase on January 13th. 2019.  Purchasing a costume is required.

 Second semester;   begin to learn more advanced steps and continue to review technique, and begin working on routines for our Spring Showcase on June 2nd, 2019.  Purchasing a costume is required.

The first semester is not required to attend the second semester.

Both Showcases will be held at the Byron Civic Theater. 

Combo Class (Ballet & Tap): Ages 3 - 4  & 5-7 years (40 Minutes)

Combo Class (Jazz/Hip Hop ):  Ages 5 - 7 years (30 Minutes)


Specific Discipline (Ballet, Tap,  Jazz , OR  Hip Hop):  Ages 8 & Older (30 Minutes)



Take dancing to the NEXT LEVEL by joining J&J's award winning Charmers Dance Team.  

Made up of girls (and boys too!) ages 4 and older, this team is a fun, easy-going group working on advanced dancing skills.  Dancers are chosen by private tryout with the coach, and have usually had one or more years of dancing experience.

 Check out our COMPETITIVE CHARMERS DANCE PAGE for more information!

Petite:  Ages 4 - 6

Mini:  Ages 6 - 9

Junior: Ages 9 - 12

Teen: Ages 12 - 15

Senior:  Ages 15 - 19 

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