Here's our latest updates concerning closings.

Please check back here often, as we will try to give updates as soon as possible.


December ~ We are requiring all students to wear masks in class.  If you student is in a high level class, please make sure their mask has a strap on it so it may be removed to perform difficult tasks/moves, and then replaced immediately!


Watch for specific information coming from a J&J EMAIL concerning your student’s opportunity.

As of Nov. 20, 2020 additional J&J procedures will be:           

Pending parental approval, all students are recommended to wear their masks  (pending young age or advanced skill levels).  Staff will me more attentive to the 6 ft. spacing in the facility.

· Gym will have additional sanitizing times added.

· Fresh air exchange will be implemented throughout the night.

· Seniors (Grandparents)… if bringing a student, make sure they are checked in, then please wait in your vehicle.

· If you have any Covid symptoms, even if you are unsure, please be cautious and do not come.  We will provide ample make ups.

Please review our original “Welcome back to J&J” information below.



                                                  Pecatonica Facility

We are structuring our facility and staff to operate in the safest way possible so that your child can enjoy the healthy benefits of moving to music, gaining flexibility, strength, coordination, with teacher led intensive physical activity.

*Staff: are temperature checked every day and are educated in covid guidelines. They will  wear a mask if 6 ft. away from a student, however, will pull it up if near or spotting a student. Hula hoops will be used in the gym to distance ages 5 and under during class.

*Student / Parent: we recommend “drop off “ for older students. We recommend waiting in the car, however, we will allow 1 adult per student to stay in gym viewing balcony or dance hall/small room waiting area.

*Masks:  Students should wear their mask upon entering and exiting the building. It may be taken off  for class. (Place it in their back pack or bag.)

Adults must leave mask on while in the building.

Temperature Checks: Each student (staying adult) must have their temperature checked at the station in office lobby hall along with using hand sanitizer we provide.  Students will have hand sanitizer applied at the end of their class.

Clothing/water bottles: shoes and personal items should be put in a personal back pack or we will provide a plastic bag. Label your water bottle.

1. If an adult stays in house, put the bag under their seat. 

2. Students approx. 8yrs and older use balcony red lockers.

3. Students approx.7yrs and under use the gray cubbies in dance hall.

4. Gym team and gold stars place your bags under tumble track.

5. Charmers: MONDAY use gray cubbies.

                      TUESDAY  line bags up on/under chairs against wall in small 

                      dance room. Other patrons will be EXITING through this room,

                      so your things need to be INSIDE your bag.


Small dance room: will be available to facilitate exiting traffic flow. (See map)

Chairs will be provided for students to put street shoes, coats, mask back on.

 It will also provide and extra waiting area for parents.

Important Enter:

1. All students  ENTER single WEST door.

2. All students follow RED line to check in table. Have Temperature taken and sanitizer.

Important Out:

1. Important traffic flow—OUT: through small dance room to exit front

    NORTH double doors. White lines.

                                                         [ See Map ]


· Through out the night—restrooms, handles, dance bars, hoops, stars, shapes, accessories etc.  Will be wiped down.

· WHOLE facility is completely spray disinfected every night.           

We are J&J Strong!
Jade is waiting for you to come back!
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A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that supported J&J's by ordering a t-shirt from Rockford Art Deli or Pecatonica Northstar Graphics.  We appreciate your support so much!!

Stay safe and enjoy the time with your family. We look forward to our J&J family returning soon, we miss you all!

- From all of your favorite teachers and staff at J&J

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